How To Be Psychic: Preempting Your Customers’ Needs

An element of foresight is invaluable when you are running a business blog. By this, I mean having the ability to think ahead and anticipate your customers’ needs and requirements, and find ways of meeting them.

The best way to evolve your blog is to develop it in line with your customers’ expectations, making sure that whenever they decide they need something from you, you just happen to already provide it.

This psychic ability isn’t all smoke, mirrors and magic tricks. It’s much more about strategic planning and a healthy dose of sound business sense. Another element of the psychic challenge for bloggers is to find ways of persuading your customer base that they need something, even if they didn’t think that they did, before.

This is a great way of appearing to be psychic, when actually all you are doing is some really savvy selling.

The following tips will help you sharpen your psychic abilities, leaving you as sharp as Derren Brown on a good day…

Keep ahead of current trends

One of the best ways to work out where the market is headed in your industry specialism is through newsfeeds and articles. Staying alert to new developments in your industry will help you plot future trends and direction in your industry sector.

Make sure you have a strong strategy in place

Making a success of an online business takes careful planning and strategic thinking. By plotting a one, two or three year plan, with strategic direction and expansion will support you to structure your thinking in terms of where you are currently, and where you would like to be in the future.

Build upon what you have already found to work on your blog

You already have a fair idea, as a blog owner, what works and what doesn’t when it comes to catering for customer demand. Articles that you write which generate a great deal of feedback and backlinks will be an indication of what your customers want, and where you should concentrate your focus for subsequent writing.

Staying aware of what has been popular in the past is a good way of gauging what may work in the future, and it is simply a question of monitoring responses and being alert to new ways of meeting the demand which your customers have for your articles.

Think from the customers’ perspective

What you want from your blog, and what your customers will respond to, may be entirely different things. It’s well worth standing back from your blog and what you enjoy doing, and considering what your customer may be looking to achieve. The best magicians achieve magic by being completely absorbed in the person they are performing to, adapting and changing to their shifts in perception and mood.

By keeping ahead of new technologies and industry shifts, being aware of your customers’ requirements before they are, and providing a site which preempts them, you are well on the way to achieving magic 101 and becoming a truly psychic service provider!

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