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Squeeze pages, or name squeeze pages, or even landing pages to some, are simple pages that attempt to do nothing but get a visitor to perform a certain action. Usually this is to sign up for a free report, or click on a call to action button.

You can see a good example at my Income Blogging Guide page. This uses the Squeeze Theme from Unique Blog Designs (and converts fantastically by the way!), but what if you don’t what to change the entire theme of your blog and want to create a squeeze page on your current site? This is where the Squeeze Plugin comes in.

Rather than explain in text, I’ve created a short video of me using the tool for the first time. As usual, demo’ing a product I’ve never used before has mixed results….

So while my design isn’t great (I could sort that out in a few minutes), the ease of use is fantastic.
Why do all the smartest marketers create squeeze pages on their site?

1. Squeeze pages are the most effective way to build a list of targeted customers.

2. It’s a great way to provide free or special offers to those who matter most.

3. Squeeze pages are proven to convert as well or better than any other form of info collection.

4. The list that you build is full of people who want to buy what you’re selling.

5. You’ll make more money!

This is great news because everyone knows building an email list is the #1 thing to do for ANY website. Squeeze Plugin will allow you to build powerful squeeze pages on any website running WordPress, you can buy here for $97, but you can use a 15% coupon code for you: B7E77 I’m not sure how long the coupon lasts but it’s valid now.

I would recommend creating a new page template for the Page you wish to use for the plugin, that not only removes the sidebar like the template that comes with the plugin, but one that removes the navigation bar and any footer links or widgets. Besides that Squeeze Plugin will make things much easier.

6 thoughts on “Simple Squeeze Pages”

  1. That’s a great point. I forgot how easy it was to do that with Headway (I only switched yesterday). For those who don’t know when editing a Page when using Headway you can check boxes to remove the header, nav bar, footer etc from certain pages. That makes it perfect for squeeze pages, sales pages etc to do whatever custom work you want without buying a different theme or creating specific page templates. Thanks for stopping by Danny, happy days indeed!

  2. Great write up, Joel – I can see this being really popular.

    And of course, as a Headway theme user, you’ll know that making squeeze pages within the theme itself is incredibly easy now, with the option of removing header, nav bar, footer, etc.

    Hapy days 🙂

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