Are People Getting Sick Of Blogs?

Recent years have seen an explosion in blogging. Platforms such as WordPress and others have ensured that everyone is able to have a site, and know enough to post up regular articles about everything from green living right through to SQL programming. As bloggers, we should celebrate the rise of the humble blog, as it turns from an exclusive media for business owners to a form of online diarizing about day-to-day life.

I was thinking today about saturation points. Is there such a thing as too much blogging? Is the rise of the blog making this vehicle a little jaded? People from all over the globe are logging in and letting us now the everyday detritus of their lives, from relationship problems to how to raise hamsters effectively. Is there a point when society will kick back and reject the blog as an overused format?

As of 2007, there were over 112,000,000 blogs in operation online. While many people launch a blog and then let it slide, realizing that it takes time and commitment to make it work, many more people have realized that blogging is one of the most effective ways of promoting both your company and your brand. Blogging is cheap, accessible, and simple to commence. It makes sense that more and more people are jumping on the blog bandwagon to promote their services with minimal outlay and maximum benefits.

How blogging has evolved…

The very first blog was launched in 1997, and the name ‘blog’ was coined by Jorn Barger at this point. The word ‘blog’ is both a noun and a verb, meaning we can use the term interchangeably to describe the platform, and the action. Before blogs, the only interactive vehicle we had was comment forums, where threads of posts led from one subject to another, or IRC. Before blogging went mainstream, people referred to their blogs as online magazines, ezines, or comment forums.

Nowadays, blogging is as common in social media as email. Open Diary, Live Journal, WordPress and Blogger have made online journaling accessible, easy and free.

Why does everyone have the urge to blog?

Even people who don’t have a product to promote or a service to sell still relish the prospect of blogging. Before the humble blog was born, the only way people had to express their opinions was through publishing. Vanity publishing has always been popular, as writers expressed their views within a text and paid for it to be distributed. As the publishing industry became more difficult to permeate, people were stuck without a platform to air their views. The launch of blogging provided a free, easy and ultimately satisfying service for people who needed a place to sound off and attempt notoriety.

Humans like to express opinions. We spend the majority of our time formulating views and then sharing them with people. The onset of blogging made people feel confident enough to express their views, with no risk of censorship. From political blogging in troubled countries right through to the bored househusband looking to liven up their day, the world has embraced the media of blogging.

Is there such a thing as too much?

As with any popular platform, there is always a risk that too many people will jump on the bandwagon and flood the media market. As an advocate of blogging, I am always in favor of people expressing themselves through blogs. I think the trick is, when navigating your way through the myriad blogs out there, is to search carefully for subjects which interest you, and find like-minded individuals to follow. With so much choice out there, we are able to cherry-pick the best writing out there, and be selective when it comes to spending our time reading other people’s blogs.

45 thoughts on “Are People Getting Sick Of Blogs?”

  1. Hey Joel, I don’t think so that people not taking interest in blog. It’s not true because they are still searching blog or getting required information in Search Engine from blogs.

  2. Thought I would let you know that I have been at this for little over 5 years. By the way when I did start I didn't even like computers and didn't know anything about them and wasn't sure I really wanted to learn. (Actually they scared me to death.) I refuse to give up. And I am happy with that decision. I do have days where I really wonder what the heck I am trying to do. I'll keep going until God tells me to quite.

  3. Thought I would let you know that I have been at this for little over 5 years. By the way when I did start I didn't even like computers and didn't know anything about them and wasn't sure I really wanted to learn. (Actually they scared me to death.) I refuse to give up. And I am happy with that decision. I do have days where I really wonder what the heck I am trying to do. I'll keep going until God tells me to quite.

  4. The sheer volume of blogs online can be overwhelming, but now that I've been plugging away at this for a few years it is fascinating how many are quickly abandoned. That reduces the overwhelmed feeling a bit. I wonder what the percentage is of blogs that are actually maintained and over what time period. How many folks keep it up for 6 months or a year? How about 2 years? And so on.

  5. Perhaps I could write a post on abandoned blogs – you're right, it is easy to abandon a blog. Maybe there is a way to find old ones that have some life in them and bring them back from the dead for profit. Hmmm, good thinking, and thanks for the other comments too!

  6. Hi Joel,

    This is true — “search carefully for subjects which interest you…” because not all things that you might think as interesting will brand you, your blog or your product so it has to have a market as well so you're not only blogging for the sake of creating an online diary but also benefiting from your contents as well while you yield results. 🙂

  7. Hi Joel,

    This is a great question. Obviously the reason why there are so many blogs is because starting one has become so easy and a lot of people think they will become rich overnight in the process.

    It's even easier to abandon one though! If there was a way to make money from knocking down deserted blogs like there is from derelict buildings, wouldn't that be a gold mine income stream to tap into? Ha ha

    Besides new bloggers not being prepared to work hard and learn what it takes to blog successfully, I think an even bigger killer is that of not expressing one's unique voice. There are too many blogs that just merge into one boring stream of noise but I think there will always be room for more blogs with hearty, unique personalities.


  8. Hi Joel.

    I feel that blogging has never been truly accepted by the print and television media and is still viewed as a ” hobby ” where most people blog about their lives and due to the proliferation of blogging now a days is really more of a way for others to ” Teach Others How To Make Money Through Blogging “. I do think that as blogging continues to grow, we bloggers who actually have something to offer others, will have to adapt to changes that what will happen because of an over saturated market in order to stand above the basic everyday blog that is just a personal diary…any way that's my two cents for what it's worth

  9. Besides promoting products, blog is also a handy tool for those who want to express themselves and share their lives with others.

  10. I agree, a lot of sites repeat the same news you see on other sites, especially tech news sites. The truth is a difficult one, you're right that a lot of bloggers have major influence and can affect people perhaps without knowing the full situation. Thanks for your comment.

  11. I think what many people are sick of are blogs that all say the same thing. There is a saturation point, especially with certain topics, but if someone comes up with something new and different then it is fun to read that particular blog.

    One thing I really have a problem with are bloggers that put out anything they want about anyone without concern regarding the truth. Certain bloggers who are blindly followed by readers who don't know any better can hurt people in the public eye.

    Otherwise, I hope responsible bloggers and those who come online for enjoyment or to help others (as you do) continue to thrive in this medium.

  12. Nice, Joel.

    If someone has properly targeted a market, the market won't care too much what form the product takes. DVDs and CDs, downloadable audio and video, PDFs, or just a good old fashioned blog.

    The late Gary Halberd used to say that he could outsell anyone as long as he had a 'starving market'.

    As long as there are 'starving markets' out there, certain bloggers will continue to flourish.

    keep smiling,


  13. Hi Joel,
    Who know were blogging will go. I do know that I do it, because I feel I do have something to teach people, but at the same time I am learning more all the time. To me it is people helping people which in the real world is getting lost. People are so busy that they forget to help the people standing in front of them. However I do love meeting people from all walks of life and around the world, which wouldn't be possible without blogging.

    It is hard work, but I'll keep trying until I get there and making the changes that need to be made. With yours and Andrews help this can happen.

    Happy blogging

  14. I would say lots aren't bringing any value! But lots aren't supposed to, they're fun or personal. It's the ones that are supposed to bring value that don't that add to the “confusion” online.

  15. I actually wrote a post on blogging last week.

    There are too many blogs and some aren't bringing any value.

    It's true people think it's a get-rich quick and it really is NOT – blogging is hard work.


  16. Thank you Joel and I like to state it like this; there is so much information (blogs) out there that the only way to manage it is to pick and choose like you said….I have learned so much about people through the blog “super highway” that it allows me to get new ideas for my blog which can be found at

    Keep blogging is what I say and everyone blogs for different reasons…..

  17. You could equally argue “are people getting sick of books”? A blog is just a medium of expressing and transmitting ideas – many people have no contact with them at all. But the joy of blogging is you only need a small but responsive audience to make it worth doing.

  18. It does take time, and often people are very impatient. If it doesn't make big money after a few months then they give up. But most big bloggers have taken years to get to the level they are at. Success takes time for most people.

  19. That's true, blogs are a great way to express yourself, and find like minded people who might not live near enough to be a real life friend. The internet and blogging has expanded the circle of influence that you can have and others that you can join, it helps people connect.

  20. I completely agree Mitch, it seems cheap and easy to people who then realize that to make a living from it requires hard wok. Lots of people are willing to do the hard work too though!

  21. Very true Andrew, just because there are a lot of romance novels out there doesn't mean hundreds more don't come out every year. The same with blogs, there is always room if something is good enough.

  22. Whe I started blogging three years ago, I had three readers. Two relatives and one friend. I have many now. But it took time to build up an audience.

    People expect too much too soon. The good blogs survive and eventually are noticed.

  23. Free speech! I've also wondered why so many of us have jumped on the blogging bandwagon. One reason could be that everyone around us is so busy – and sometimes, not interested in whatever we want to talk about. What better way to express all of those thoughts than in a blog where no one can censor or tell us to “shut up already!” Lol! As you know I love UFC, but very few of my friends love it like I do (outside of my martial arts friends). Blogging gives me an opportunity to speak my mind.

  24. Correct! It takes a lot of work to keep up a blog.. there is a great niche for having a blog as an online personal diary – keeping friends and family informed, or look what happened with Julie and Julia – but to realistically have a blog – make money at it, and keep it going you have to treat it as a business – or as a marketing arm of your business. Thanks for getting us to think about it!

  25. I think blogs are here to stay! I visit my favorites daily, and I even feel disappointed when they don't have a daily update. Blogs serve so many great purposes — I can't imagine them ever going away. As they say, “the cream rises to the top.” I think a great blog has a long lifespan!

  26. Joel, I think you're hitting on the universal law that the only constant is change – in blogging, too. No doubt that the means to achieve whatever people hope to achieve through blogging will evolve and change. Blogging as we know it may well be headed the way of the public phone booth (made obsolete by cell phones). We'll still be blogging though, just … differently.

  27. it seems like a lot of people think starting a blog is a great idea, it seems that fewer of them, a lot fewer are willing to to the consistent work it takes to keep it going and make it thrive. I also believe the term “blog” has evolved over the years that it now has many sub categories of what all used to fall under the generic term of a Blog. Really thought provoking stuff, great post.

  28. As you say Joel, there are hundreds of millions of blogs around but only a small percentage of those survive past the first 3 to 6 months. That means there are still a lot around!

    I think there is danger of a saturation point but if you are different, share some great advice and provide fantastic customer service…you will be the one who is followed.


  29. Hi Joel,

    too right, people search for blogs — as we all love to rea an opnion — rather than a sales pitch. thanks for a great reminder! Lance

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