Why You Should Use Video On Your Blog

Now this post is going to be slightly ironic as it’s text but hey I do lots of videos too! Unless you have been living on the moon for the past few months, you may have noticed that video is taking off, when it comes to delivering information through your blog.

Online marketing videos are the latest craze for people wanting to promote themselves, their company and their products. Making the jump to video is easier than ever, and we need to keep up to date with new technology developments to keep our blog at the forefront of people’s attention!

Here’s why using video on your blog can provide a cheap, easy and engaging way to encourage people to come to your blog, stay a while, and then return to it again and again…

You get your message seen by your target audience

These days, people have less and less time to spend on…just about everything! Long pages of text may be informative, but it could put some of your potential customers off if they think they’re going to have to spend time reading it. Video, on the other hand, is quick and easy to watch and is seen as entertainment, not effort.

Just as with writing, as long as your video is interesting and tuned in to your viewers needs or problems, you have a potential customer’s full attention. But stray from this for just a moment, and your viewer becomes bored and will click away.

You put yourself out there as an expert

When you create a video you are automatically seen as an expert in your field. This gives extra credibility to your business as you become the right guy to go to with the answers to problems in your field. Put some useful information in your videos, not just sales messages, and you’ll build up a loyal following of viewers.

You have the potential to educate your customer base

By its very nature, video is a visual medium. It is much easier for your customers to watch a short tutorial video than it is to read through a heavy technical manual, just to understand a simple point or technique. This method alone can slash your customer support costs, by providing an opportunity to help without going through the lengthy training manual production process. Many people absorb information better through viewing it, so it offers a double advantage.

You have an opportunity to build up trust in your online relationships

Your audience is not stupid – people instinctively know what is a sales pitch, and what isn’t. As soon as people some sense they are going to be sold to, they’ll leave you and go somewhere else. By putting your message on video, you have the opportunity to let your customers see your face rather than your company, let them get to know you, and make them more inclined to use your services.

People only spend cash with people they trust. The best way to build trust is to answer their concerns honestly, without hype or spin, and instead of trying to sell them, make it easy for them to buy.

You can get your video message out quickly and easily, to a large audience

To make the largest profits from the least expense in any business, you need to find a good customer base that are looking for your products. By listing your on-line videos on sites such as YouTube or Vimeo, with effective use of relevant keyword tags you have access to a huge audience. It has never been easier or cheaper to create effective online marketing videos to promote your business, church or non-profit organization.

With just a little thought and effort, you could be reaping the benefits of online video marketing without spending a fortune.

17 thoughts on “Why You Should Use Video On Your Blog”

  1. Hi Joel,

    Video is moving so fast and its a great way for anyone to start building there brand. It is a cheap way of getting your message out to the masses and with the advent of new technology it getting better for people to use this medium.

    Thanks for sharing a great post.

    Tristram Lodge

  2. Joel,

    Great post about video marketing. I really agree. It's amazing that even though you feel you are not good in front of the camera how in a short period of time with regular practice, you can become very good at it. It definitely is worth it. Thanks for the great info!


  3. Thanks Joel, taking the time to answer.
    This is something I am going to have to do.
    Much appreciated.
    Kind regards.

  4. You can always write a script and either a) get someone else to read it out or b) display text on the screen while having background music to screen capture. A lot of non-native English speakers do this if they have good written skills.

  5. Thanks Joel for this post.
    I agree video is the answer, BUT I hate to hear my own voice.
    Using screen capture and slides solves half the problem. It's the audio
    I don't like. What's the answer?
    Gave you a retweet 🙂

  6. I am just embarking on my first video too. I have Kimili but have yet to test out the clip (waiting from editor) I am cutting up the interview into 90 second bites. Can you suggest a plug in that might help me list all the bites of the same interview. Say 5 questions 5 bites with 5 links to videos numbered 1-5. Like CNN might do it.

    Maybe you could blog about video plugins Joel

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