More Easy Blogging Tools For You

After my previous post on little known blogging tools, there are some more tools that may not be directly related to pressing Publish, but can certainly help with your blogging life.

WebMii is related to the previously mentioned Social Mention and Addictomatic, but rather than looking at your brand reputation (though you can do that too), WebMii searches the web for your first name and last name. It’s pretty cool actually, especially if you name is your brand, but of course, unlike your brand, your name is often not unique so you can find out some interesting namesakes!

Gliffy is a cool online diagram drawing tool. I often use PowerPoint or something but it’s actually a very useful tool that you can try for free to draw quick and easy diagrams or flowcharts for your posts that need them. And they look great too.

Another diagram tool is Cacoo, which is similar in principle but also allows online collaboration. You have to sign up to try it, and the graphics are more cartoony than Gliffy but it’s a pretty neat too.

If you have any great blogging tools you use then please let me know, I always like to hear of tools that make your blogging lives easier.

7 thoughts on “More Easy Blogging Tools For You”

  1. You are always sharing some great knowledgeable posts with us. Thanks for giving one such now. I like the tools mentioned above and are definitely work for me. I will go through all and if they are free then dowload all.

  2. Hey Joel

    Your Blog Tech Guy newsletter is probably the best I've ever seen for having info on tools & blogging. You always have great tools to use, & lots of info that you just don't find anywhere else.
    Always look forward to reading it.

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