Fancy An iPod Nano?

Last week I told you that Income Blogging Guide has re-opened and to help promote it you have a chance to win an 8G iPod Nano (5th Generation – worth $125).

All you need to do is download our free Income Blogging Guide Blueprint.

Entering is really easy.

By downloading the guide you will be automatically entered into the contest (if you have already downloaded it you will be automatically entered).

You can double your chance of winning as if you retweet this post, your name will be entered twice.

You can use the retweet button within the post (top left) or you can copy and paste the text below and tweet it manually:

The deadline is Friday 14th May (midnight, USA EST) so get downloading and tweeting!

If you want to have your own on-line business, then you may wish to view our course details.

Please Note: There are no images of mansions or flashy cars, just the exact details of how you will benefit from the course.

Here’s the link: Income Blogging Guide Membership course.

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