Outsourcing Your Business

Outsourcing, particularly overseas, is often a controversial topic. UK and US customers often don’t like ringing up a customer call center and getting an out-of-country representative to help you.

However I’m an outsourcer and an outsourcee (a word I’ve probably just invented), all the clients who come to me are outsourcing blog setup and blog customization to enable them to achieve things they don’t have the time, or knowledge to do themselves.

When I take my car to be serviced or when I eat out at a restaurant, I’m outsourcing those tasks. Not because I’m too stupid to learn how to do it myself, but because I don’t want to have to learn how to do it and I don’t have the time.

Outsourcing your time

Tyrone Shum is an outsourcer who I’ve known for quite sometime and he’s helped train and coach hundreds of people to outsource their work and leverage their time to focus on making money from their blogs, with his course Mass Outsource.

He has 35 step by step training videos, which include 18 high quality training videos to give to virtual staff ranging on topics such as article marketing, SEO, video and audio. Each video has templates, resources, and transcribed manuals and in three different formats available – MP4 (for iPhone), MP3 audio and onscreen videos.

The price is not cheap at $197.00 per month for 4 months, but you can get 10 free videos here.

Outsourcing your blog writing and web copy

I recently found a great writer who is supporting me and some of my clients on blog posts to free up some of their time. Not only does she write high-quality copy on time, she also comes up with ideas to broaden the scope of what we write about. She is Jen Syrkiewicz, from Stilus Communications.

Jen charges just $15 per 500 word blog article, and if you sign up for ten you get two free. It can take the hassle away from managing your blog, freeing you up to do other things like optimizing it and networking. She’ll even write you a sample post, which is free once you sign up for the service. Stilus also writes SEO-compliant web copy for your site, press releases, bids and news articles.

If you’d like to know more about the service Stilus offers, please get in touch with her at http://www.stiluscopywriting.co.uk to find out more. I’ll be hiring her for my next sales page project.

Outsourcing your blog setup and customization

Of course, that’s a blatant plug for my services at the end. Why not, it’s my site…. 🙂

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  1. One of the benefits of outsourcing is that you can save on every aspect of your business and increase your profits. When you outsource, you can save on time, effort, infrastructure and manpower. Since you don't have to invest in infrastructure, you can also save on making unnecessary fixed investments.

  2. Interesting post. Outsourcing services seems so popular nowadays and looks like almost all large companies are using or hiring outsource service providers. India , China and Philippines are some of the leading countries in outsourcing industry in Asia.

  3. Nice write-up! you bring up an interesting topic. Outsourcing has become a solid strategy for organizations looking to improve productivity and reduce costs. By outsourcing all the knowledge based processes of your company, you can concentrate your focus on the core competencies of your business at the same time relax with the assurance that all the non core tasks are being handled by professionals who guarantee quality and timely deliverables.


  4. Bank of America, IBM, and many other huge companies outsource to India, Brazil and far East. Insurance companies send patients to have surgeries done overseas, to save time and money, but they call it a “Global Economy”. I guess now it is “Global Blogging”.

  5. I agree with you. I'm taking your great class. I would not have a blog (still learning basics from you and Andrew) and still improving it, not 2 mention a Twitter acct, if I was not have taken your course to learn from you. I have been following Tyrone for awhile. It really takes time if one want to do it all by himself. The enthusiasm for blogging can get killed easily, if one want to do it all himself. Great blog as always. M

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