Feedback on Income Blogging Guide

At the start of the year I was proud to co-create the free multi-media Income Blogging Guide along with Andrew from We Build Your Blog.

Each day we have a double figure number of people who download the guide is easily in double figures and the feedback has been fantastic.

We receive unsolicited comments about the guide all the time, and we also ask for feedback, so a mixture of the two are below.


Elie Kochman (owner of Optimal Upgrades) said “So check it out, it can help you get up and running as fast as you can read!”

You can read Elie’s full blog post about our free guide here:


Stephanie Jewett (owner of Nursing Comments) said, “I highly recommend this study packet to ease the frustration of starting your own blog!”

You can read Stephanie’s full blog post about our free guide here:


Monique Hrebeniuk (owner of  moniqueschlosser) said, “I have never found a better resource material for understanding how to set up a blog successful than this one.  I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to start a blog or for people like me who figured it out on her own but was missing a few things.”

You can read Monique’s full blog post about our free guide here:


Kenny Loh (owner of im2financialfreedom) said, “You can find instructions on how to choose your niche, how to do keyword analysis, how to get a domain and hosting, how to install a blogging platform, how to post a content and also learn how to make money from blogging.”

You can read Kenny’s full blog post about our free guide here:


Debbie Bills (owner of Happy Maker) said, “Other courses just give you the basics then you get to read between the lines and figure out the rest. You have included the stuff most people miss and I am very grateful. Your course makes me actually feel smarter. It is like having GPS that tells you exactly when to turn and which way to turn.”

Income Blogging Guide

Kevin Pavilonis (owner of vinfit90) said, “they get right into the meat of things such as blogging platforms, keyword analysis, getting a domain, hosting. Oh and they even go through setting up your own wordpress – step by step with multiple screen shots which makes it really nice especially if your new to this sort of thing. The list goes on and on but hey I’m not going to retype the whole report here, go get your own!

You can read Kevin’s full blog post about our free guide here:


John (owner of said, “You go into great detail on some of those tricky points, especially around downloading and installing WordPress, and with plugins.”


There are, of course, some, er, stranger comments that we receive, and Andrew goes into details about those on his blogging guide post.

The guide is available from Income Blogging Guide for free.

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