What Can Bloggers Learn From Amazon?

Amazon blows my mind. I buy almost everything through it, downloadable (DRM-free) music, ebooks on the Kindle, gifts and lots (and lots) of household items.

What really blew my mind was that when looking for batteries, there are nearly 1,000 reviews of a rechargeable AA battery. Yes, not nearly 100, but nearly 1,000 reviews! Of a battery. One you’ve probably never even heard of. These batteries to be precise.

Who would have thought that 10, 5 or even a couple of years ago that people, for no reward, would willing write a review of batteries for someone else’s website? Not me, probably not even Amazon.

My mind is boggled!

So what lessons can you learn from that? A few ideas:

  • People love to give their opinion.
  • Make it easy for people to leave their thoughts and comments (see my blog comment systems post).
  • Actively solicit opinions, and respond to them. Make them feel valued.
  • Being perceived as an expert is important to a lot of people. Check out the different battery tests people have written about in the battery reviews!
  • People can surprise you and do something you may have not thought they would.
  • Predicting the future based on what people do today is not the best idea.

What other lessons can be learned from this? Any ideas?

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  1. But.. The batteries are so important 🙂 I am not sure if you have ever try to find batteries because the ones you were using had a very short life 🙂

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