Income Blogging Guide Course – Survey Results Part 2

Following on from yesterday’s blog post regarding our recent survey results, today we’d like to share with you the responses to the second question:

What are your 3 biggest desires from an online course like the Income Blogging Course?

Again, we took the answers and created the following categories and the percentage shows the number of answers for that category.

Ease of use 51%

Over half of those who responded wanted the course to be easy to use and follow.

Responses like:

“Easy step by step instructions”

“Clear steps for those new to coding.”

“Getting all the details so it’s a cinch to do it myself.”

“Real examples that we can see live”

“A step by step action list. What do I need to do first, then what, then what…”

“To have enough information to get started but not be overwhelmed”

“Step me through in baby steps. A set of task to complete before the next lesson”

So many mentioned the words “step-by-step” and that’s exactly what we have made it. The course is delivered in weekly lessons. Each lesson details exactly what tasks you should carry out that week which move you closer to making an income via blogging. The tasks are provided via text, screen shots and videos.

Within the course we are building a brand new blog as part of the course so you’ll be able to see our progress as we go.

This comment really summed up the feeling of the majority of comments:

“I’m too tired…put me on the right path without the lies, BS and don’t tell me “it’s sooo easy”. Way too many of the “Guru’s” coach to the advanced person, leaving the rest of us in the dark”

We are not saying it’s easy but with the course and our crucial ‘success’ bonuses we are making it as easy as possible.

Technical Support – 26%

26% of you wanted a strong support system in place for when you get stuck with the technical details.

We listened and we are just finalizing some crucial ‘success’ bonuses that will provide what we believe is one of the best support systems around.

We are working hard and can’t say more until we have finalized the bonuses – sorry!

Income 11%

Of course, you want to make some extra income via blogging. That’s the whole point of the course!

This is a great response:

“No nonsense, just straight talk without the BS, on how to be online, blogging & earning an income”

It’s been an eye opener for Andrew and I during these last few weeks. We have come across so many people who say, “Just give us what works. No BS, no padding, no promising the earth, no promising us boat-loads of cash…just tell us exactly what we could be earning without exaggerating. A little extra income would be really helpful”.

We’ve had so many emails and responses from people who have wasted their money on $27 products where you see people standing in front of their flashy cars and big mansions on their sales pages. Such products have sucked in so many people.

Andrew and I have taken a different approach and we know we shall lose some sales as a result of it. Those sales pages that promise the earth, obviously sell but we decided to be upfront with you. You wanted no BS. So we tell you up front. We told you in yesterday’s post and we are gong to tell you again today…

The “Income Blogging Guide” is about showing you how to build your own on-line business and generating an income BUT the course is NOT a quick way to generate income. You are not going to earn an income on autopilot with no work whatsoever. If you believe that you can make fast money blogging then this is NOT the course for you.

We have never met anyone who has made fast money by blogging.

To make an income via blogging you’re going to have to work hard.

If you think you are going to retire on millions of dollars overnight…this is not the course for you.

If you think you are going to build an on-line business overnight…this is not the course for you.

What the course does show you is how to build a solid on-line Internet business that will generate income for you on autopilot AND enable you to reduce your working hours so you get some freedom and time back into your life…but NOT overnight AND it will take some hard work.


Time 5%

5% of you want us to help you free up your time so you get some freedom back. Again, being totally honest with you, it will take you a few months of hard work before you start being able to free up some of your time.

But you will get some freedom back by following our weekly lessons. One of the stages is dedicated to Outsourcing, which is absolutely crucial if you want to gain some extra time in your lives to enable you to do anything you wish.

Traffic – 4%

4% of you said …“How to get lots of traffic to my blog?” (or similar)

The same answer as yesterday…

You may have the best blog in the world but without traffic no one will ever see it.

We show you the exact steps to take to gain as much traffic as possible for your blog. In fact, one of the stages within the course is entitled “Easy Traffic Generation”. It can be easy when you know how to generate traffic. The traffic at this blog has grown by over 500% in the last 6 months alone. We only use the tactics we know are proven to gain you more traffic.

Cost – 3%

Andrew and I spent many hours discussing the cost of the course, especially after your responses. It was very interesting that only 3% of you responded with a ‘cost’ type desire.

Two of you who responded wanted the course for free.

Sorry to disappoint but it won’t be free.

When you see the price I believe you’ll agree it’s very affordable for what you will be getting in return.

Remember this is not a $97 pdf guide simply giving you all the theory about blogging.

We cover blogging including article writing, list building, traffic generation, product creation and launching, copywriting and outsourcing.

How much would you pay to have your own on-line business automatically generating you an extra income and allowing you to free up some time?




Are we happy with the results of survey?

Most definitely. Again thank you to everyone who filled out the survey. Your opinions have helped us shape the course for the better.

If you have anything to add or just respond, feel free to add your input through the comments below.

The Income Blogging Guide goes live on Wednesday 6th Jan. Click here to check out all the details:
Income Blogging Guide

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  1. Im a newbie and this step-by-step instructions will help me through in blogging. I have to mold myself to be more persistent in doing this job. Avoid quitting. Reaping the best pay-off is what I am aiming today.

  2. Im a newbie and this step-by-step instructions will help me through in blogging. I have to mold myself to be more persistent in doing this job. Avoid quitting. Reaping the best pay-off is what I am aiming today.

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