Interviewed By Joanna Penn

A great client, and writer, self-publisher and blogger extraordinaire Joanna Penn interviewed me the other day. We talked for around half an hour on a lot of topics, but mainly about blogs for authors. You can listen to the interview here, and while my accent may put you off me, Joanna’s will endear herself to you! In her log post she also describes all that we’ve talked about in case you don’t have time to listen.


The Creative Penn is aimed at people who are interested in writing, self-publishing/print-on-demand and internet marketing for their books (in print/ebook or audio format). She also has a highly recommended course called Author 2.0 (NOT an affiliate link) that teaches new and seasoned authors how to use Web 2.0 tools to write, publish, sell and promote their book.

I enjoyed the interview and hope you find it useful too. Thanks Joanna!

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