Straightforward Marketing Advice

I’m pretty much a fan of straight talking, no-nonsense when it comes to marketing advice. There are all sorts of snake-oil salesmen and saleswomen, promising the world but delivering the same old spiel. The amount of online courses that promote life-changing advice, yet simply take your money and feed you things you know already, drive me slightly mad.

Where to get good advice is a source of worry for me sometimes, and also where to refer my clients to when they ask. Of course there are great courses and businesses out there too, and often I point them towards this man, Brendon Sinclair of Tailored Web Services. Here he is talking about getting good search engine rankings (if you can’t see the videos, go here):

While that was good, here are some of his finer moments:

No bull, no spin, just good, solid, actionable advice. Good on ya mate!

You can follow him on Twitter at @brendonsinclair, but how his ego fits into 140 characters, I’m not quite sure!

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