Wealth Success and Women

One of my clients is Wealth, Success and Women, which is an alliance of entrepreneurs empowering women to become successful entrepreneurs through business education, mentoring and networking. The Millionaire Diva Mastermind is their free program that focuses on inspiring, educating and empowering women to build successful businesses so they can live a Millionaire Lifestyle!


Heather Jumah, founder of WSW is a serial entrepreneur having built several businesses to six and seven figure success. Heather, along with her partner De Anne Harris, are the women people turn to when they want to take their business from a great idea to six figure success in 12 months.

WSW provide a huge number of free resources such as weekly teleseminars, bi-weekly mastermind groups, monthly networking events in select cities, weekly open Q&A calls, a member’s forum and a training site with audios, worksheets and a step by step to 6 figures coaching program. While WSW is focused on assisting women, they welcome men to join as well, so check them out.

If you’re a client and you’d like to be featured in a post, or appear in my Recent Clients list, then please let me know!

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