How Do You Measure Your Blog's Success?

A while ago I asked a small number of clients about how they measure their blogs success (and a few other things). Now with a much bigger audience I would like to ask the questions again. The 3 minute survey can be completed here and I would greatly appreciate a few moments of your time.


The questions on my survey are:

1. What are top two frustrations with blogging?
2. Do you have enough time to check your blog stats (e.g Google Analytics) on a monthly basis?
3. Do you measure how your blog is performing on a monthly basis?
4. If so, how long do you spend monthly checking you analytics? If you check more often than once a month, please just give a rough monthly total estimate.
5. What are the top three metrics/measures that you use to measure your blogs success with?
6. What other ways do you measure how you blog is performing each month that you haven’t mentioned above? For example, pageviews, unique visitors, comments or emails received, advertising revenue and so on.

If you have a few minutes please take my short survey. Thanks in advance!

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