Do You Practice Value Based Marketing?

Pure Growth Books

I’ve finally found time to write a blog post since returning from vacation/holiday. I’m currently working my way through my backlog of work and emails, so apologies for the delay getting back to you. On with the post…

My client, and good friend, Patricia Cliff is a business and personal coach. She has a website and blog in one that shows what work she offers, and the values that she does that work by. Working with many qualified health practitioners and therapists, she provides them with the support and framework for success in their chosen field.

Her site also showcases her latest book, Pure Growth for Reflexologists, and promotes her free email newsletter. The blog is simply inserted into the website template to have an almost seamless transition from one to the other.

Her latest blog post is all about value based marketing, so if you’re a health practitioner or therapist (or someone who is interested in those areas), why not take a look and see if you can answer the two key questions she poses. There is also some great information in her four part series on What everybody ought to know about Market Research, plus Patricia shows you how easy it is to create a business plan.

Take a look at Pure Growth Books.

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