Wonderful Charlottesville Wedding Blog

One of my wonderful clients, Claire, has recently launched her Charlottesville Wedding Blog based on the Thesis theme.

Claire has worked hard to make her blog look fantastic, spending a lot of time researching the right theme for her, matching and selecting complementing colors. Adding in a wedding image slide show in the header, photo styling in blog posts and many other tweaks and changes that you may not notice but add up to a greater whole. Blogging since August 2007 means that Claire has some excellent older content. Using WordPress, transferrign from her previous free blog on Blogger/BlogSpot was a breeze.

Go take a look at a great wedding blog and see how you can customize a theme to get great results. Perhaps you’ll even get some ideas?

She also has a great directory of services, so if you’re looking for wedding resources in Charlottesville then be sure to check that out too.

I hope to spend more time showing off the blogs of people I have worked with, so stay tuned!

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