Two Minutes On WordPress SEO

Quick WordPress SEO notes:

– One topic per post, be specific. “What is…”, Top ten posts, best of posts, “How to…” and so on.
– Text in posts should contain keywords, but not keyword stuffing. Bold and italics help a little. Must be natural for the reader!
– Write unique content that’s useful!

WordPress specific
– Custom permalinks (your URL): as these are automatically generated (though you can change them using the Post Slug function) it makes you post title even more important, see later.
– Category names: broad categories.
– Tag keywords: specific words.
– Post and page titles: usually 5 -7 words containing your keywords. These will appear in either H1 or H2 tags, which show search engines they’re important.
– Image ALT tags (the description section of image upload): make these descriptive and relevant to the picture and article.
– Also sign up for Google Webmaster tools and opt-in to Google Advanced Images Search.
All-in-one-SEO plugin
XML Sitemap plugin

That was a very quick overview of what can be a complex topic, so please contact me for any further questions.

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