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If you’re thinking (and you should be) of using video in your blog, how do you decide which of the many video sharing sites to use?

Life Goggles have produced the Ultimate Guide to Online Video. This consists of the Video Quality Comparison page, Video Comparison Matrix and Free Video Sharing eBook.

They have reviewed 55 of the major video sharing websites (with a brief look at 4 video editing sites) and rated them for quality, and ease of use. What BigBrainBoy called “easily the most useful thing we’ve seen online in a long time“.

So far they’ve looked at (in alphabetical order):
AOL Uncut, Blip, Break, Brightcove, Clesh, Cuts, Dabble, Daily Motion,, DivX Stage 6, eefoof (VuMe), Eyeka, Eyespot, Fliqz, FlixYa, Forscene, Google Video, Gotuit, Grouper, iFilm, JayCut, Jumpcut, Kewego, LiveVideo, Lycos Mix, Metacafe, Mojiti, MotionBox, MyHeavy, MyNumo, MySpaceTV, Ning, OneTrueMedia, Photobucket, Revver, SevenLoad, Soapbox, Spymac, StashSpace, Sumo, Twango, Veoh, Viddler, Vidilife, Vimeo, Vmix, VodPod, Vsocial, Webshots, Yahoo Video, YouAreTV, YouTube, Yurth, Zeec and Ziddio. If you wish to be added to this list, please comment or contact us here.

There are three parts to the guide:

Video Quality Comparison

The video comparison page currently compares the video quality of 51 of the most popular video sharing sites.

Video Comparison Page Screenshot


Video Comparison Matrix

The Online Video Comparison Matrix quickly allows you to see what features are offered by each of the 55 video sharing and editing sites and what rating they have given them for various aspects of their service.

Video Comparison Matrix


Free Ultimate Guide to Online Video eBook

The various online reviews and ratings have been gathered together into a Free Ultimate Guide to Online Video eBook that is available for all to download. The guide:

  • Quickly looks at the registration process
  • Simply compares their ease of uploading your own content
  • Looks at the quality of the video
  • Rates the services of 50 of the top video sharing websites
  • Is FREE!
Free Ultimate Guide to Online Video eBook

More video sites are currently being added, so check back for the latest version. To be alerted when another version is released please subscribe to their RSS feed or weekly email updates.

Praise for The Ultimate Guide to Online Video

“Easily the most useful thing we’ve seen online in a long time.” – BigBrainBoy

“A well-written how-to.” – Bnox

“An extremely handy comparison.” – Art-For-Hire

“If you want to put your videos online and quality is an issue, you should definitely check it out.” – Download Squad

“While starting a online video company your guide to online video was really The Ultimate Guide” – JayCut

“An interesting comparison.” – Da Vinci Planet

“Good guides/reviews on a number of different video hosting sites…. worth a look.” – EyeSpyFX

“Here’s something real interesting.” – Inside Google

“A nice comparison page.” – WebZappr

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