I have over 55 testimonials for my work, with more being added all the time. They are in order received (latest at the top) and site linked to may or may not be the site worked on.

Joel is my go-to guy….and I go to him a LOT! I’ve been blogging for almost two years, with him beside me for the better part of it. He has the patience of a saint and gets back to me more quickly than anyone else I deal with. In my books, that’s huge. In fact, I sometimes wonder if he ever sleeps!
Joel knows WordPress like the back of his hand. His fees are excellent and he always keeps me updated on my monthly balance; a real plus. I wouldn’t be launching my book project without him. I think they call this a birthing partner :)

Becky Livingston, Be Living Rock and Facebook

Joel’s flexibility, friendliness and efficiency make working with him hassle free. With a personal and professional approach Blog Tech Guy is a fantastic service for bloggers in a bind. I can recommend Joel with total confidence and I won’t hesitate to flick him an e-mail next time I find myself scratching my head over the technical side of WordPress.

Kevin Carter, Earth Janitor

I would recommend Joel, the Blog Tech Guy, to anyone wanting to set up a website or blog who is uncertain about doing it by themselves. He is prompt, patient, capable, and the charges are reasonable. I have called on him for help several times since he helped me create my original WordPress website, and he solves problems quickly, sometimes answering questions without charge.

Suzanne Semsch, Suzanne Semsch

Joel has been a great help and resource for me on several occasions, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing help with their blog or web site. I would even recommend his work to my mother, if she had a computer. Great service, reasonable prices, I will use him again if the need arises…or should I say when the need arises.

Craig Shillam, Cash Art Blog

Joel is the “real deal.” He has saved my life (and the life of my blog) on numerous occasions. When my sites crashed or were hacked into this past year, Joel rode in on his white stallion and rescued me. He is extremely generous with this time and patience. I highly recommend Joel to anyone in need of advice, training, or general mentorship.

Deborah Bishop, Editing by Deborah

I chose Joel because:

  • I love his blog design (someone who pays attention to design is someone good at details)
  • His message is simple, direct and clear (great About page).
  • He gives really helpful things for free.
  • His site gave me an easy way to subscribe.
  • *The most important thing is that he communicates positivism and his will to help those like me who need guidance

I’m very happy with the whole experience.

Elsa Mora, Art Is A Way

I want to thank you for all your help and I seriously appreciate your honesty and the integrity you employ with your first class work.

Ragnar Crowley, Aspen Cabinetry & Millwork

Joel is a pleasure to work with. He always delivers what he says he will and when he says he will for affordable prices. I chose to use him over web developers in my home country. I think that says it all!

Thanks Joel.

Caryn Cridland, Mindful Mediation

Joel the Blog Tech Guy has been instrumental in setting up my website www.berniesgreenerhomes.com.au. He has built the platform using WordPress and assisted in many ways to have it functional and looking good. His guide to blogging has proved invaluable to our team to get the website working and he has been there in every instance where we have been stuck to guide us through. His patience for non tech savvy people is his impeccable strength to get everything into ship shape and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to build a website. We are very appreciate and grateful for getting us there.

Bernie Hoefer, Bernie’s Greener Homes

I needed a landing page built in WordPress and had been referred to you by a friend I trusted.

My experiences in the past with having websites built have not been good.

The first site I ever had built in 2005 had a complicated CMS that only my wife could use.

The second website I commissioned in 2009 took ages to build and they want $1500 per year for as long as it’s on the air. And The CMS is impossible to use.

So I was a little bit cautious going ahead but after I emailed you what I wanted and you replied telling me exactly what you need, and exactly how the process of working together will work, and an estimate on how much it would cost I was happy to go ahead because your communication was thorough, direct and left no questions about anything.

Having gone ahead I must say you’ve done an awesome job, extremely quickly and you did exactly what you said you would.

I highly recommend Joel to anyone who needs any websites or landing pages built.

Stephen Hall, Avoid Overpaying

When I started my first (only) blog last year, I found Joel via an internet search and turned to him regarding some basic startup problems. He not only responded quickly and helpfully to my questions, he never charged me or tried to hook me into anything more than I’d asked for. I mean, what a guy–who else out there is like that?! Thanks Joel!

Ros Johnson, Minding Therapy

I used Joel to do program my WordPress blog. Throughout the process, Joel was great to work with. His advice was spot on. He didn’t try to charge money for functions that were inherent in WordPress but I was clueless to. Simply put, he is honest and his advice was great. I will be referring my clients and contact to him as much as possible.

James Yang, Los Angeles Patent and OC Patent Lawyer

I have been working with Joel for the technical aspects of my blog for a few years now. Fortunately it became clear to me I needed to focus on the content creation and get help on the technical side. At the time I was taking a course online by Yaro Starak, and Joel was recommended.

From a business perspective Joel is extremely knowledgeable, an innovative problem solver and accessible when you need him.

From a personal standpoint you will not find a more trustworthy and likeable guy to work with.

I don’t even worry about the technical side anymore. When a problem arises, an upgrade is needed or I just want to add a new feature I simply contact Joel.

Roger Bibse, Landscape Advisor

Fantastic! Joel is always my go to guy, for almost 3 years now~ and I live on the other side of the world. A genuine client-focused professional filled to the brim with compassionate patience for newbies like myself. The dramas I have had! and I could not have gotten to where I am now without Joel’s mentoring. Highly recommended.

Char Paul, Psipsychology Tutor

Where would I be without Blog Tech Guy? Joel’s skill in interpreting what I envision for my website – as well as his patience with my technosaur web skills – has made him an invaluable online resource for my business. To cap it off, he’s efficient and, without exception, a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended.

Stephanie Dale, Voyager Moon

Before Blog Tech Guy I was an insignificant member of the www without any direction. Then a friend told me about BTG and how to increase marketing power through blogging. Not only do I have more “stick” in my online business where people visit my site, they tend to stay longer and return. Also, blogging has helped my clients get the support they are asking for PLUS blogging has increased my SEO. Thanks Mr Blog Tech Guy!!

Sky Hunt, www.skyhunt.com.au

I have watched your business grow successfully and I know that it is because you have always provided good value to your customers. It is not easy to run the operations of a business on a day to day basis as well as working on the business development side of the business at the same time. Time management is a critical issue for most small business owners and when you find someone with your knowledge and skills of the WordPress blogging platform it is a privilege to recommend your services. It makes good business sense to outsource blogging technical issues to an expert rather than wasting hours trying to sort out the the mystery of technical issues.

John Cosstick, Freelance Work Guide

Joel has been wonderful to work with. He has done our complete blog set up for us and has been patient and so helpful in explaining things to us and answering our many questions. He empowers you by helping you to learn more technical skills whatever you ability. He is full of great advice, so quick to respond to your emails and goes out of his way to help. We could not have set up our blog site without him and we hope to work with him long into the future.

Rosa Wyatt and John Dellow, www.thisgoldenthread.com

I have been working with Joel Williams, The Blog Tech Guy, for several years now. He is the techno brain behind my blog and the blogs of every single person I’ve ever referred to him. Once you work with Joel, you don’t let go.

As most of you know, I work hard to ensure that my personal and professional relationships are with people I like, trust, and respect and that all three of those need to be present or why in the world would you want that person in your life?

Integrity is one of my highest and cherished values. When I see it in other people, I know I want to be in their space.

To say Joel exhibits integrity, abundance, and a strong work ethic would be underwhelming…. read more »

Ann Vertel, Entrepreneur Mindset Expert

Joel has helped make two sites for me over the last few years. One personal and one business. I am very, very happy with both of my sites.
I am always impressed with Joel’s knowledge, promptness and willingness to help, even with the smallest requests.
He’s friendly, affordable and always efficient. You can’t ask for more then that! Keep up the good work Joel, you rock!

Stuart Bullen, Creativity In Motion

Joel is so easy to work with. He tolerates all of my newbie questions and explains blog maintenance in easy to understand step-by-step instructions. He also works very quickly to fix anything I need for my blog and usually delivers much sooner than promised! He is the only blog expert I recommend!

Janice Harris, Top Music Therapist

I found out about Joel through Yaro Starak. What a great find! Joel is extremely knowledgeable, efficient and his fees are more than reasonable. Joel is also patient (he answers all my questions… even the dumb ones!) and kind. A real gentleman! I would recommend him to my own mother… if she were blogging! Thank you so much Joel!

Marie-Josée Bettez, www.dejouerlesallergies.com

Sometime ago in the UK one of the roadside assistance companies ran an ad campain which stated that it members thought of it as the “4th Emergency Service” (after fire, police and ambulance). That’s what I think of Joel as – as my Emergency Blog Service – my backup, my insurance should I need it. Although the thing is… that as he set everything up so brilliantly there has never been an emergency…but if there is …. then what I know is that my “drama” will dissolve in no time with his calm and assured expertise!

Sally Coleman, Tomato Lover

When I think of exceptional customer service, two words come to mind….. JOEL WILLIAMS. Joel has been a tremendous asset to my organization for the past year. Joel goes above and beyond the normal definition of service. Not only does Joel take care of your needs in a timely, efficient, and a reasonable priced manner, but he also shows you how you can take care of your site yourself the next time. Joel is always there to offer his guidance with making your site THE BEST! I always recommend Joel to people who are looking to set up Blogs/Sites, because I believe he is the best in the business. Thanks Joel for ALWAYS going the extra mile.

John Ferranti, Founder, For God’s Glory Ministries

Joel was my lifesaver when I was battling the DIY agony of tweaking my WP website. I’m not sure how I tipped to his service, but I took a chance, and it’s been all good since then.
He responds quickly and his prices are reasonable. Best part, he explains his work in plain English completely free of “guru” arrogance.
I’m going to make some major changes in my site very soon, and guess where I’m going for help: JOEL, OF COURSE.
Aloha to all.

Gene Belmont, Hawaii 4 Newbies

Joel has been a fantastic resource for me for over a year. He responds promptly, lets me know when he can get to my request, and also guides his clients so they can learn to do some of the technical work themselves. He’s affordable, efficient and always so friendly. How can you beat that? Thanks, Joel!

Beth Lowell, Managing Editor, Animal Spirit

Joel was recommended by my mentor, Yaro Starak. I was hesitant at first who to TRUST to work on my blog, but I trusted Yaro so I went with Joel. I have not regretted since that day. Joel really CARES and is very quick to get back with you when you have questions and is concerned about something. I appreciate him for not making me WAIT and UNDERSTANDS you unlike workers from other countries that don’t speak English very well who work in the tech field. He gets the job done and if there is any problems he gets it fixed. He charges you reasonably and I can’t recommend him highly enough. Joel is there for you and if you need someone to work on your blog then I would go with Joel. I am a happy customer and a loyal fan of Joel Williams.

Rick Resch, Ferrari Dreams

I was recommended to Joel by another happy customer. I can tell you that he is definitely ‘The Blog Tech Guy’ for anyone wanting outstanding work and customer service. I recall contacting Joel late one evening because I did something to my WordPress blog and it had bombed out on me. I could not figure out how to fix it and I was in the middle of a blog contest. In a matter of minutes, he responded and the blog site was back and running in no time at all. That in itself is a priceless commodity.

Marie Taulbee, Founder of LaRaedo

As a new blogger I was struggling with getting my blog set up the way I wanted it and all the other technical details that are so frustrating when you just want to write and market your blog. Joel Williams saved me from that frustration and dealt with all my technical issues quickly, efficiently and always kept me informed about what was going on. I would recommend him without hesitation. Don’t try to do it yourself–Call Joel!

Joel Friedlander, The Book Designer

Claire Goodman

Over the last few years Joel has helped me with several projects, including moving my blog from Blogspot to WordPress.org, changing themes, upgrading my blog’s design (minimal), installing a completely new design (big project!), helping me create 3 WordPress sites, setting up payment mechanisms with Paypal and autoresponders with Aweber, troubleshooting my backup plugin, moving a regular site into WordPress and more! My life online would not really exist without Joel. He is, without fail, dependable, knowledgeable, fair and he works fast! He is also very kind and extremely patient when he needs to explain things more than once (more than twice :0) I have referred many people to Joel and will continue to do so. He is the best of the best!

Claire Goodman, Charlottesville Wedding Blog

As the owner of a Social Network and two WordPress blogs, my technical issues seem to get quite complicated. Joel Williams has been my teacher and tech support for about one year now. What seems to be a huge hurdle, Joel has always come to my rescue.

When I need help, and sometimes I need it today, Joel has always been there. Although we have never met in person, I never feel like a client but, rather a friend. His willingness to address our problems and to go the extra mile is something you rarely see in the business world today. Thanks Joel, for all you do.

Randy Marsh & Xiaoying Xiang, China Marriage 101

I have worked with Joel on a number of projects over the past few years and I just want to acknowledge that his services have always exceeded my expectations. It is difficult to master all the skills that are necessary as a freelancer and having a WordPress blog expert that is reliable is very important.

Jack Taggerty, 5 Star Innovation

Thank you Joel for your efficiency and planning to make my blog a reality. It took me some time to decide on my format and what I wanted to say on my blog. Joel didn’t push to get a fast sale, took time to answer all questions that I had regarding format and was there afterward to help me find my way through WordPress.

Jean Vitrano, Brew City Tea …the best pot in town!

Michelle Bowden

Thank you – loving your work – it has been an absolute pleasure working with you over the last few weeks. You are prompt, efficient, friendly, customer focused, excellent at what you do and you’ve made the process very simple for us. Thank you so much.

Michelle Bowden, Australia’s Presentation and Influence Expert

Sharon Beck, Commitment To Vision.

The Horsey Set

Having Joel on your team is worth every penny he charges. If you’re a new blogger with some technical skills, you may think you can do it all, but you can’t. The learning curve can be steep with some issues, so you can eat up valuable time while trying to hack your way through it yourself. Stuff will hit the fan, big stuff that will stump you, and you’ll need good help in your corner. Joel is your guy.

He’s bailed my blog out of deep trouble a couple of times, and I’m delighted to say that what he does sticks. He’s patient with newbie questions and blogger panic attacks. And he’s a pleasure to work with.

Rhonda, The Horsey Set.

Deliver Your Promise

This man knows his stuff!! As well as being a really nice and helpful guy, Joel is extremely knowledgeable and amazingly quick so the cost stays low. Being new to the field I want this kind of trusted expertise and fantastic service, I would recommend Joel anytime.

Jamie, Deliver Your Promise.

Randy Hlavin

“I found out about Joel Williams through one of the world’s top bloggers. Although, I wasn’t quite ready to blog, I sent an email to Joel with a few questions. Several emails later, I knew that I had not only found a technical expert, but, a genuine, caring, service-oriented entrepreneur that has a passion for his craft!

The beginnings of my blog are now functioning and I can’t wait for my one-on-one consultation to launch. I will do so with confidence knowing that I have a true professional on my team that will help me make it happen. Thanks Joel… keep up the GREAT WORK!”

Randy Hlavin, Founder / Chief Visionary Officer, iDreamBIGG!™.

I can highly recommend Joel – THE Blog Tech Guy. He’s fast, he’s fair, he knows what he’s doing and he’s responsive. I sent him a long punch list and he worked through it very quickly and efficiently. Within an hour, things that had been giving me heart palpitations for a week were just done. He sent back clear instructions and answers to my myriad questions, which meant I got to learn some things in the process, and to me that’s invaluable.

I want to learn, just don’t have the time to take the curve right now, so having the right people on your side makes life much smoother. Thanks Joel!

Amy Posner, The Network Maven.

The Brilliant Marketing System

How often do you hire someone you’ve never met… someone who lives across the county… and have them absolutely perform as if they’d know you forever and were truly vested in your success and your project? Well, that’s what we experienced working with Joel on our blog. Every step of the way Joel always went above and beyond what we expected and I always got the sense that he genuinely cared out our project. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Joel to anyone who needs a reliable, talented technical help… who cares! Job well done, thank you Joel!

Kimberlee Hayward, Author, The Brilliant Marketing! System.

Shallow Nation

I can’t recommend Joel Williams, the Blog Tech Guy, highly enough. Since signing up with his Hands Free Monthly Maintenance Package I have had much more peace of mind. I can now focus solely on being publisher, editor and writer and not have to contend with the time erosion of googling for the latest WordPress updates and stumbling my way through completing them on my own. This is very liberating!
Additionally, Joel was extremely helpful to me when I was in crisis mode with my blog under attack from hackers. He was very quick and responsive and he not only solved the problem, but also provided security and safeguards to prevent future attacks. All in all, he delivers excellent technical support and extremely courteous and compassionate customer service. I appreciate that he takes the time to communicate clearly and thoroughly.

I am very thankful that I googled a long tail key word phrase (something along the lines of “hire ongoing wordpress blog technical support”) and that led me to Ninja Blog and through them I found Joel, the Blog Tech Guy!

Patricia Elaine Perry from Shallow Nation.

I had several oddities and gremlins on my blogs that I couldn’t fix. Joel was able to troubleshoot and square me away quickly. He even offered a few SEO pointers and over delivered. I’ll definitely be using him again and would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Joel!

Clara Myers from http://mind-mart.com.

I am extremely grateful to Joel and the person who recommended him. I contacted him after my site had some problems. He was quick in replying to me and quicker in getting the job done with time to spare. I was back up and running in no time.

Virginia Small from Zebracorn Graphics.

Joel provides excellent service that’s right on time! He knows all the ins and outs of WordPress and takes care of all our upgrades, plugins etc. Joel is THE guy to hire to make sure your blog is running smoothly! Thanks for a great job!

Marita from Fundraising IP.


I had to move my blog site to a different web address and had no idea where to go to find someone since I didn’t have the technical language necessary to do it myself. When entrusting someone with important information such as passwords to hosting domains and FTP servers I think it’s important to use someone referred versus searching the web for some random person you’ve never worked with before.

Joel was referred by Ninja Jon who originally set up my blog and was someone I trusted because of the phenomenal job he did and the level of service he provided. Thankfully, my experience with Joel was the same. He was always prompt in getting back with me and he answered every question and to my ability of understanding. He’s very respectful and has the client in mind at all times. He took care of a bunch of other details while he was in moving my site and upgraded WordPress to the newest version and in a minimal amount of time compared to what it would have taken me.

Even though everything was communicated and set up through email, I thoroughly trusted Joel and had no issues giving him my personal log in information. Thanks to him I’m up and running on my new site and have new and improved software, which has a lot of cool new features I wouldn’t have otherwise had. I would recommend the Blog Tech Guy hands down. It’s nice to know there are still people out in the world who can be trusted and truly care about what they do and the service they provide.

Thanks again Joel…you da best!

BeAnne from Shine Your Heart.

To Anyone struggling with technology:
The best advice I have received in a long time was “Hire a technical person to get it done so that you can move forward”. Lucky for me, my mentor knew of Joel “The Blog Tech Guy” and felt comfortable recommending him because of the great feedback from his blogging students that had hired Joel.

The thing that impressed me about Joel was that he didn’t talk down to me or over my head, and that is no small task considering my skill level. Hiring Joel for even one hour will allow you to get a great amount accomplished. I was amazed.

I would be happy to speak to anyone personally about my valuable experience with Joel either by phone 925-676-1903 or by email sharonbeck [at] me [dot]com. Just let me know how I can serve you.

Sharon Beck.

PERFECT Joel!! You are my new best friend, you’ve performed the miracle I was looking for, Thank you again so very much!! If I ever need to any further help or can recommend you, I surely will!

Peter Cugno from Secret! University.

Video testimonial from Christy Cuellar-Wentz of The Official Mommy-Muse™ Blog.

Green Meditations

[audio: http://successbyblog.com/audio/Joel_testimonial.mp3]

Simply click the play button above to listen (requires Flash Player).

Audio testimonial from Oriana Green, owner of Green Meditations.

Quirky San Francisco

I had my ISP trying to transfer my blog from Blogger and it was a comedy of errors. It was handed to one tech, who worked only at night; so every morning I’d get an email asking for one more thing. Apparently he hadn’t actually read the complete email I’d sent with all the information in one place, including my cell phone number. After a week, I was exhausted from all the misfires and decided to email Joel. OMG, I gave him my same list, he scheduled the time. As promised, he not only successfully moved the blog, but he sent a *very* complete email with all the details of what he’d done. It took him only an hour and it included more work than I’d asked for. I’ve worked with a lot of technical people, but clearly Joel is the top of my list. I highly recommend using him. His rates are great and he’s reliable, clear and sounds like a nice guy.

Randy Schroeder from Quirky San Francisco.

Live Well 360

Joel Williams, aka Blog Tech Guy, did a fantastic job in helping me to personalize my blog and make it not only easy for me to focus on content rather than the behind the scenes, technical stuff, but also make it easy for my readers to navigate through it! I had a vision in my mind of what I wanted it to be and he was able to help me tweak my theme and make it exactly what I wanted. Joel does excellent work and he is extremely fast. I will definitely be recommending Joel to anyone and everyone who needs a go-to guy for all their technical blogging needs.

Sheila Viers from Live Well 360.

Oh Gizmo!

In the end, having a WordPress blog is great… but it requires maintenance. Like a car. And here’s where I’d like to plug the services of Joel, the BlogTech Guy. Just like you should take your car to the mechanic every time it requires servicing (although many people don’t, and just fix it themselves), you should consider taking your blog to Joel Williams if you don’t know how to maintain and service it yourself. No, he’s not free. But I’ve used his services extensively on OhGizmo.com, and can assure you he’s extremely competent…. His prices are reasonable, and his work ethic impeccable.

Yeah, I know. Paying for this stuff kind of defeats the point of WordPress being free in the first place. I agree. But once you’ve spent six straight hours looking for a solution to your problem (and asked the WordPress community for help dozens of times, only to be ignored), you realize something: your own time is worth something. Isn’t it? Your sanity has a price. Joel helps you keep it.

David Ponce, Managing Editor of Oh Gizmo!. Read the full testimonial at IZEA.

David Congreave

A highly professional service for custom blog work with a reasonable hourly rate. Joel’s attention to detail is superb and communication is swift and comprehensive (don’t ever, ever underestimate the value of hiring someone who responds to emails quickly!).

I can also recommend the hands-free maintenance package. Setup a monthly subscription via PayPal and every month Joel will back-up your blog, complete any necessary WordPress and plug-in upgrades, and give you an hour of his time for any fixes, improvements, or advice that you need.

This is perfect for that peace of mind that only comes when you know have someone competent taking care of things for you.

David CongreaveThe Payroll Blog. Read the full testimonial at The Lucid Blog.

Managing Salespeople

Joel has been nothing short of amazing in helping us out over the last month. His endless patience and speed in delivering what he says has been nothing short of incredible. After a bit of a disaster with someone else Joel sorted us out and within a week the blog was up.

I have now stopped panicking about the Tech stuff as I know he can sort it out for us.

We have three projects going at the moment all have been delivered on time . To say this guy is honest is an understatement.

I will be using him for all our blog work in future. It’s a great feeling that I can wake up the next day and find out that Joel has sorted everything out for us overnight.

Thanks Joel you saved our life!

Denise Oyston: Director Managing Salespeople

John Mandeville

If you have your own blog, or are thinking about starting one, don’t bother asking anyone else for help but the Blog Tech Guy, Joel Williams. I had been hacking my way through the jungle of WordPress and the blogosphere for several weeks, yet Joel was able to resolve all of the issues I was facing in literally less than 24 hours (some of which I had brought upon myself… Thanks for sorting me out, Joel!).

If you are primarily a writer, and are daunted by the sheer “techiness” of getting a blog up and running, there is no one I could recommend more highly for making your blog function with all of the widgets, plug-ins, and goodies that you need to give your blog the functionality you imagine….

Thanks again for everything, Joel! Without a doubt, you are the most responsive and technically capable “blog master” I have ever come across.

John Mandeville from Lifestyle Of Worship

Amy Andre

If any of you out there have a blog, and you need some help, you have to call on Joel Williams, aka the Blog Tech Guy. He’s my latest hero, having done a bunch of back-end fix-ups here for me recently. Thanks, Joel!

Amy Andre from Amy Andre

Travel Betty

Joel is a fantastic blog tech guy. Totally thorough, reliable and knowledgeable. I’d been searching for someone to take care of my blog tech needs for months and kept getting the run-around from other less professional techies. Joel turned my requests around in record time and made my blog look great.

Travel Betty from Travel Betty


I can’t be more grateful for Joel’s work. I am far from a techie person. We all know how frustrating and time consuming that can be. Joel’s service is prompt and dedicated. Best of all he has become the partner I can trust and provides his knowledge in the areas I am lacking. The ultimate team work. A huge lift of weight off my shoulders. Now, I can focus on my writing and the marketing. Thanks Joel!

Luz Aguirrebena from Soul Hang Out

Fresh Wind Ministries Intl

Joel was recommended to me through Ninja Blog as I was having trouble uploading some plugins on my wordpress account.

Joel answered my initial questions and I then sent him the information I needed for him to access my account. He cleared up my errors, pointed me in the right direction and even fixed another glitch I did quickly and efficiently.

Because Joel told me what I was doing wrong, I was able to prevent my next uploading error to my FTP account. I was able to finish my uploads on my own and my site is running efficiently.

Before bumping into Joel, I was considering going back to my free wordpress account. I am very new to blogging and he was gracious and patient with my errors.

If you are in a bind and need reliable, trustworthy and efficient service, I highly recommend Joel.

Yvette Nietzen from Fresh Wind Ministries Int’l


Joel’s a genius. He did some tasks for me in a couple of hours which would have taken me days. He’s fast, reliable, and prompt. I feel much more relaxed about blogging knowing that I can get in touch with Joel when something goes wrong – or when I want a blog updated.

Angela Booth from http://writinghacker.com/

Menopause Made Me Do It

I had to write about “ Blog Tech Guy“ one of those rare people who provides the best customer service ever.

I had been struggling with the technical side of WordPress, yes I know they say its easy, and it is, if you know how or have a lot of time to play around with it.

…I wanted my blog to be customized and decided to go ahead and let Joel do the work. It was completed within a couple of days, at a price affordable to me and I am very very happy with the result

…I would never recommend anyone who did not provide customer service above and beyond what is required, and Joel gives the best customer service ever.

Liz Canney from Menopause Made Me Do It. Read the full testimonial at Customer Service Revolution.